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Let’s talk. I’ve recently started my weight loss journey. My first week I did the basics as such eating healthy and mild working out. The next week I started a 30-day challenge along with yoga & Wii fit exercises. Which comes to an end tomorrow. I’m super proud of my progress. Last time I checked I was 22 pounds lighter. My energy has increased. I’m more flexible and I no longer crave to turn to chips, fast food, chicken or red meat. There were so many moment where I want to quit but with my determination to finally get down to a size 16 I didn’t turn back. There is a such thing as plus size and healthy and I will be a proud presenter of just that. The 30 days are over but my willingness to lose weight continues. God I thank you for keeping my mind and body strengthen and healthy. Tomorrow I’m starting the whole only seafood no chicken or red meat. Somebody remind @taschacouture & @lucky_lefty116 about my steamed Salmon & Mussels for tomorrow though! ☺#BedroomBody #TyWentToWork #NoGutJustAss #ItsTheGodInMe #Progress #PlusSizeDiva #BigIsBeautiful #DoubleDigitDivas #BigIsMyBrand #ConfidenceWillAlwaysBeME 💪💋

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